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We are committed to helping our students study anywhere. Moodle is an online learning platform used to provide resources, activities and announcements for your units and to facilitate the submission of assignments. The Moodle site is also used for discussion forums (student chat) within your units. You can also download the app to work on your smartphone. If you have an account on a Moodle site, you can now access all your courses and studies directly on your mobile devices with our free app.

With the Moodle App, you can now access all these features at a touch of a button.


Easily access course content

View course activities and download materials for offline use.

Check upcoming deadlines

View activities due, sorting by dates or by courses.

Connect with course participants

Quickly find and contact other people in your courses.

Keep up to date

Receive instant notifications of private messages, forum posts, calendar events and assignment submissions.

Engage in course activities

Attempt quizzes, post in forums, play SCORM packages, submit assignments and more - both on and off-line.

Track your progress

View your grades, check completion progress in courses and browse your learning plans.

Submit assignments

Upload images, audio, videos and other files from your mobile device.

Find more courses

Search the list of courses and enrol in new courses via the app.

Last modified: Tuesday, 28 July 2020, 4:47 PM