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COVID-19 Update fri 10th September 2021

by Julia Lewis -

Mask wearing requirements will remain until 4pm 24 September in South East Queensland.
😷 You must carry a face mask at all times and wear it in indoor spaces. You only need to wear a mask outdoors when you are unable to social distance. 
Face masks are critical in protecting yourself and others from COVID-19.
While we watch the rising cases in other states, it's important that we do as much as we can to protect ourselves and our community. We know that covering your face with a mask can stop 50-80% of fine droplets, particles and aerosols which is how the virus spreads.
When you couple masks with social distancing 📏 and washing your hands regularly 🙌, the protection you give yourself and others can make a real difference.
For more information about what restrictions are in place, visit

Trimester 2 Final Grades

by Julia Lewis -

Hello All

Congratulations on completing Trimester 2 2021. Well done to everyone for their amazing performances at Stage Exams.

All grades and feedback for Units are now completed and are available in Moodle. Please review these and download any information you

Require from your class units as these will be backed up and you will not have access to them after Friday 3rd September.

Trimester 3 Classes start back Monday 6th September and your schedules will be available early next week. They will be in Moodle calendar

And emailed to you.

Your final grades for each unit have now been ratified by the Academic board and will be available via Paradigm on Friday 3rd September.

You can access Paradigm here


via the APAC student portal

The password is BSSPortal4000



Paradigm login details

User name: student ID number

Password: Is your DOB yyyymmdd


If you re-set your Paradigm password, it will not change your Moodle or Student Webmail password.

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