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COVID-19 Update 2 Aug 2021

COVID-19 Update 2 Aug 2021

by Julia Lewis -
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Hello All

Unfortunately the 3 day lockdown has now been extended until 4pm AEST Sunday 8 August 2021, areas in South East Queensland, will be subject to new restrictions. 

This includes:

  • City of Brisbane
  • City of Gold Coast
  • City of Ipswich
  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council
  • Logan City
  • Moreton Bay Region
  • Noosa Shire Council
  • Redland City
  • Scenic Rim Regional Council
  • Somerset Regional Council
  • Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Anyone who has been in these areas at or since 1am AEST 31 July and the members of their household must follow all restrictions listed below.

Movement and gathering

You can only leave your home (which includes temporary accommodation such as a holiday rental) for essential purposes:

  • Obtaining essential goods or services, including healthcare
  • Exercising in your local area – it can only be within 10km of your home, and within 10km of your personal trainer’s home if you are exercising with a personal trainer
  • Attending essential work or school and childcare for the children of essential workers or vulnerable children
  • Assisting a vulnerable person or family member
  • Obtaining a COVID-19 test or vaccination

You should stay within 10km of your home whenever possible but you can go further to achieve a permitted purpose. Exercise must only be performed within 10km of your home.

This means if you live in a locked down area you can only leave your residence to:

  • shop for essentials, food and other necessary supplies – remember to check in using the Check in Qld app
  • obtain medical or healthcare services
  • get a COVID-19 test
  • get a scheduled COVID-19 vaccination
  • exercise within a 10km radius of your home, and with no more than one person from outside your household, who is no more than 10km from their home. Recreational boating is not permitted.
  • perform essential work or volunteering or an essential business, activity or undertaking that cannot be done from your residence
  • visit a terminally ill relative
  • attend a funeral or wedding. Funerals and weddings can have up to 10 people including the celebrant and two witnesses for weddings and including the person conducting the service for funerals. Dancing at weddings is not permitted.
  • provide assistance, care or support to an immediate family member
  • attend any court or tribunal of Australia or to comply with or give effect to orders of the court or tribunal of Australia
  • attend a childcare facility – only children of essential workers or vulnerable children
  • attend a school, if teaching cannot be obtained from your residence – only children of essential workers or vulnerable children
  • assist with or participate in an investigation or other action by a law enforcement authority, whether voluntarily or not
  • complete a court-ordered or court-directed shared parenting arrangement as long as this does not include contact with people who are vulnerable to COVID-19, for example someone aged over 70
  • avoid injury or illness or to escape a risk of harm, for example escaping risk of harm related to domestic and family violence or accessing support from a domestic and family violence support service
  • comply with or give effect to the exercise of a power or function of a government agency or entity under a law
  • follow a direction to leave by an emergency officer
  • follow an exemption you have been granted by the Chief Health Officer.
For contact tracing information please see