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AACTA LMAO Challenge

AACTA LMAO Challenge

by Julia Lewis -
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Bored in Lockdown?

AACTA LMAO is a monthly competition aimed at discovering the funniest new and original short comedy content.

Each month AACTA will;

  • Announce a theme
  • Engage some ambassadors
  • Offer great prizes

Content creators will be encouraged to submit their funniest work. The content has to be intentional (i.e. no pranks) and could consist of a stand-up bit, sketch, parody or any original video content that can be uploaded to an Instagram feed.

Winners will be determined by the rotating ambassadors who will be announced at the start of each month, combined with a range of sponsor prizes awarded for virality, uniqueness, and engagement e.g. likes. 

The competition is open to anyone aged 13 or older. 
Prizes are only open to entrants living in Australia and New Zealand.
You must follow our Instagram account @aactalmao to be eligible to enter.

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